Dj Kirbay: The Official dj for Canary Sing

You are reading this right. I finally picked a dj name that I am happy with and had this AH HA moment a week back to be in this boss lady duo, Canary Sing, to which they accepted.. THANK GOD.

Ive been friends with these ladies for a minute and I am all too excited to be part of this dynamic team. I remember, back in 2006 I believe, when I first saw Canary Sing perform at the 1st Annual All Women’s hip hop show in Seattle, which was sponsored by Pinay Sa Seattle. Spoken word was their steeze and they killed it. They killed it so hard I cried my eyes out. Literally. Never before that moment have I ever heard/read a poem that so accurately expressed what it meant to be a bi-racial woman of color in America. They have had my respect ever since.

Peep their video, Freak Show, to get a glimpse of what these talented and beautiful artists are about.

First show Im rockin? April 30 at the Wild Buffalo in Bellingham, openin up for Ra Scion, aka Victor Shade.

I give praise where praise is do. Cloud 9 is my high right now and I can’t believe some of the creative projects/ideas comin my way.


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Money to Blow..and its covers and remix’s. ha.

This song is filthy and the first song I’ve liked from Drake since his mixtape, with A Night Off Feat. Lloyd

As great as the original is the cover from my the homegirl Hollis and the remix from the homie Badi.

I say this all the time. I love talented friends. haa.

Badi-Money to Blow, The Remix (Pay off My Loans)

Hollis- Cover of Money to Blow.

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Malu-A woman’s tatau

I have been thinking about getting this tattoo for years. 2012 seems to be the year to do it. That is awhile from now, but the process begins now on researching where to do it, how much it will be, permission from my father’s village,whose coming with, etc. With Saman Maydani doing research on the traditional tattoo, I thought it was a good idea to share some pictures of the tattoo that I hope to undertake with some variations of my own.


The Male version taken from this blog:

Female Version:

Another reason to get this tattoo done? There are very FEW pictures on the internet of a completed Malu tattoo or the process for women. Let’s put an end to that.

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Hitler’s Response to the Apple iPad


“Nobody better gift it to me.”

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Persian Music Video!!

This is the reason why I want to learn Farsi.

This is absolutely amazing.

watch out for the persian rapping. Out of CONTROL.


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How do you explain to someone you have changed, when it’s an internal shift and not one that can necessarily be seen on the exterior.. yet? Nothing I can say will be able to capture the experience I had while on pilgrimage.

The 9 most intense days of my life. a never ending rollercoaster ride that just didnt stop. It hasn’t stopped yet.

This blog post is almost useless in trying to describe my journey, but I feel compelled to write it anyway.

All I can do at this point, is show the world through actions the fundamental changes that have occurred. Whether they be subtle or dramatic, things are changing.

I believe I’m up for it.

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Pilgrimage- Haifa, Israel


After a quick stop off in London, I will have the pleasure of being in the presence of Beauty and Perfection for 9 straight days. The picture captures some of the terraces on Mt. Carmel that lead down to the Shrine of The Bab, one of the Twin Manifestions in the Baha’i Faith.

Picture courtesy of Ms. Anu Mohajerjasbi that she took when she had the opportunity to go on her pilgrimage. This picture is stunning, but can’t even begin to illustrate what it will be like in person.

I can’t even begin to conceive how I will react.

This is my last blog until I return. Whether or not I blog about my experience, I’m not too sure. Sometimes moments like these can not be explained in words. But who knows.


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